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Goodie Partners 2023

American Express (AMEX)

People who continually set and pursue new goals need a strong partner who gives them flexibility and stability: American Express.

American Express has pioneered small dreams and big visions for over 150 years. In everyday life and in business, they create opportunities for valuable moments, lasting experiences and unique opportunities. For precious opportunities that inspire and allow people to surpass themselves continually. “Life is better when you’re with Amex.”


As one of the strongest brands in the world, American Express are a reliable partner and global payment service provider for people and companies; Thier business is the perfect balance of individual self-realization, financial freedom, creative freedom and entrepreneurial success. With the largest international payment platform that works securely, reliably and conveniently everywhere. With innovative services, tailor-made products and versatile solutions that provide important support for the everyday adventures and needs of international corporations, the commitment of local medium-sized companies or the courage of start-up pioneers in over 110 national markets.​

American Express


FTI-Andersch is the leading turnaround consultancy in Germany and part of the international FTI Consulting Group. Andersch specializes in the sustainable management of the most challenging corporate situations and the implementation of complex transformation processes. They advise companies on fundamental analyses and far-reaching strategic, operational and financial decisions and ensure consistent implementation.


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