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TEDxFS 2017 - Push Yourself and Remove Boundaries

At TEDxFS 2017, seven live speakers and two pre-recorded TED talks will be presented to the audience in order to spark vivid discussions. TEDxFS, which is for the Frankfurt School family and friends, is an independently organized TED event and will display talks from various fields including medicine, neuroscience, entrepreneurship and personal development. In TED’s spirit of ideas worth spreading, we hope that the event will inspire you to further improve and to take on leadership within your chosen field.


Stefan Torges

Managing Director at Raising for Effective Giving

Nicolas Hartmann

Senior Associate Consultant at Bain & Company

marco badwal

Research Scholar at Harvard

Katharina Brinck

PhD Candidate at Imperial College

johannes wolf

Doctoral Candidate at University Medical Center ; Freiburg; Tu Munich

Louis Bauer

Head of Business of WARR Hyperlool

farai mubaiwa

Founder of Africa Matters
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