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EVENT 2023
Flashbacks of the Future

What is TEDxFS?

TEDxFS is a conference that aims to bring together scientists, researchers, and enthusiasts at the Frankfurt School of Finance and Management. 

You will be inspired by a variety of German and international speakers from various fields and backgrounds that are united by following their individual passion. At our event you will meet people with similar, but at the same time very different interests, positions, and hobbies. In this way, sparking conversations will change your mind and, eventually, your life.

After reaching over 500,000 people views on the official TEDx YouTube channel with our first four editions of TEDxFS, we aim to bring the TEDx spirit once again to Frankfurt School on May 6th, 2023.


What is TEDx?

TEDx is a program of local, self-organized events created by TED. It was invented to bring people together to share TED-like experiences. Our event is called TEDxFS, where x = independently organized TED event. The TED Conference provides general guidance for the TEDx program, but individual TEDx events, including ours, are self-organized.

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FS Student Discount

All FS students can use the code  "FSSTUDENT23" to get 15%
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Speakers 2023

Tom Toumazis MBE

Tom Toumazis MBE is an accomplished entrepreneur and director with an impressive portfolio of tech, media, and art companies, and a commitment to philanthropy as demonstrated by his involvement in numerous charities and organisations.


Dr. Samuel West

Dr. Samuel West founded the Museum of Failure, educates organisations on embracing failure, and brings a unique perspective as an American-Icelandic with a PhD in organisational psychology.

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Lara Obst

Lara Obst is the founder of THE CLIMATE CHOICE, a ClimateTech startup that provides practical solutions for corporations and companies to implement climate protection measures throughout the supply chain, drawing on her extensive experience in the sustainability and innovation sector.


Johannes von Büren

Johannes von Büren is an expert in Real World Evidence and the Medical Director of Wellster Healthtech, with an impressive career spanning neurology, strategy consul:ng, and Digital Health, and a prolific publica:on record in interna:onal journals.


Dr. Seher Abbas

Dr. Seher Abbas is an international coach who offers job and PhD search solutions, drawing on her experience as a scientist and DAAD scholarship recipient who generated six peer-reviewed publications in her PhD in Neuroscience and went from struggling to standing on her own feet in just two years.


Burcu Arslan

Burcu Arslan is the Head of Business Development for the social business Nushu, where she advocates for empowering and promoting diversity in the business world, inspiring visions for a better future. Burcu is also pursuing her MBA at WHU and recording empowering podcasts.


Tilman Rumland

Tilman is the founder and CEO of SafeNow, a tech startup on a mission to put safety in the hands of everyone worldwide for free. The SafeNow app represents a revolutionary security concept that enables help at an unprecedented speed, ultimately saving lives.


Our Team

The event is organised by the TEDx student initiative of Frankfurt School of Finance & Management. 

Our young and dynamic team will ensure an unforgettable experience.


Still got questions?

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